12v Car Jump Start With Multi Function - Power Standard

12v Car Jump Start With Multi Function - Power Standard

1. small & light enough to store in the glove box 2. jump start the car up to 3.5L petrol or 3L diesel engine in seconds with 500A peak current and 10500mAh battery capacity 3. intelligent protection on the clamps 4. additional various light fuctions, safety hammer

Product Details

How does a jump starter battery provide so much amperage given such a small size?

Jump starter batteries are designed to give out enough burst amps to jump start a vehicle, as opposed to keeping it running for long as the car`s battery does. While working at optimum capacity, the jump starter battery will deliver nothing short of enough voltage to start the engine. Again, this depends on the level of depletion as the jump start battery will need to be at optimum functionality to deliver enough voltage to crank the engine’s motor.

Product Description

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car battery charger and compressor





Q1: Question:Can I leave this charging over the winter (long term) and not burn the battery dead.

A1:Yes,it could be using from  -40C°to 60C°.

Q2: How many times will it jump my vehicle ?

A2:There’s no one answer to this question, but in general you’ll get several jumps out of each full charge. How many, exactly, depends on:

1.The size of the engines you’re jumping

2.The charge left in your vehicle’s battery

3.The condition of your vehicle’s battery

4.The temperature outside

5.And so on…

Q3: what is the difference of your car jump starter with other supplier

A3: Answer:This jump starter with Torch/SOS/Camping/Power bank/QC3.0  charging port.this price included retail packing box and all accessories.


Steps and methods for emergency start-up

1. Pull up the handbrake of the car, put neutral gear on the clutch, check that the starter switch is in OFF gear, and turn OFF all on-board appliances

2. Open the front cover and connect the wiring clip to the battery (positive pole to positive pole and negative pole to negative pole).

3. Turn on the emergency switch to start the power supply

4. Start the car (5s or so). If the first start fails, try again at an interval of 1 minute

5, disconnect, first remove the red positive clamp, and then remove the black negative clamp

6. After use, the power should be fully charged immediately, and it cannot be started continuously

Car started immediately need to pay attention to use finished charging, the vehicle starts up, because you need to provide the current value is great, one can make the starting power in the depth of discharge state, the power supply voltage will drop rapidly, at this point, the need for battery power maintenance immediately, must not continuous, may start is not successful, or to start the power of the damage to the battery.

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