Car Booster 12v Mini Gasoline And Diesel Jump Starter

Car Booster 12v Mini Gasoline And Diesel Jump Starter

(1) JumpSmart, (2)anti-reverse intelligent clamps, (3) 12V 1A Wall Charging Adapter, (4) Car Charger,(5) safety hammer,(6)hook, (7) operation Instruction

Product Details

Product Decsription

1. Jump Start Power: 400A PEAK Cranking Amps, 400A/3s

2. Battery: 10500mAh (8000mAh)  Li-polymer Battery  

3. Flashlight & SOS signal light: 5W Spotlight LED, Vision Distance 200 Meters & SOS Signal Light

4. Mechanic Working Light: 6W, 2pcs LED, 550Lumens, can be used continuously for more than 25 hours

5. Emergency Warning Light: 2pcs RED LED Blinking & RED LED Solid Lighting

6. Charging Time: 15V/1A, 3.5 Hours By Rapid Car Charger

7. DC12V Output: Maximum 12V/30A can charge for car refrigerator, air pump, navigation, vehicle mounted vacuum cleaner with over current protection

8. USB Output: 1 x USBs QC3.0 3.6V-6V/3A,6V-9V/2A,9V-12V/1.5A;

9. Smart Battery Jump Cable:

- Over Voltage/Low Voltage Protection

- Over Current Protection

- Short Circuit Protection

- Reverse Polarity Protection

- Reverse Charge Protection  

- Over Temperature Protection

10. Low Cranking Temperature: -20°C degrees(-80℃)

11. Product size: 200*50*50mm

12. Accessories including: USB cable/Rapid Car charger/DC 12V Output cigarette female lighter /Smart Jump Cable, AC adaptor for home use is available

Product display

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Q: How many times will it jump my vehicle ?

A:There’s no one answer to this question, but in general you’ll get several jumps out of each full charge. How many, exactly, depends on:

1.The size of the engines you’re jumping

2.The charge left in your vehicle’s battery

3.The condition of your vehicle’s battery

4.The temperature outside

5.And so on…

Q: How long does it take to charge this jump starter?

A: It will charge at 4-5hrs when using our add on 15V1A adapter.

Q: Will the Car Jump Starter start every vehicle?

A: It can start 12V car batteries only with a CC rating up to 3500CC gasline and 2500cc diesel vehicles.

FIVE Reasons for You to Choose us

  • 【portability】Unlike some big & heavy jump starters, this one is small      & light enough to store in the glove box.

  • 【powerful】This jump starter is able to jump start 12V vehicles (up to 3.5L      petrol or 2.5L diesel engine) in seconds with 400A peak current and 10500mAh      battery capacity. Suitable for your car, truck, motorcycle, boat, RV or      tractor and so on.

  • 【QC3.0 charger】This jump starter comes with QC3.0 outputs(3.6V-6V/3A,6V-9V/2A,9V-12V/1.5A).

  • 【additional functions】The LED Flashlight can switch between lighting, strobe and SOS      modes under different circumstances. There is also a red emergency light for      emergency use. The LCD screen can exactly show the jump starter's working      status. The compass can help you find your way home when getting lost in      the wild.

  • 【advanced      international intelligent protection clamps】These clamps is more solid, durable than      normal clamps, mistake-proof design featuring,      spark-proof technology and reverse polarity protection

Keyuantai is one of the leading and credible car booster 12v mini gasoline and diesel jump starter manufacturers and suppliers. We have professional staff and advanced equipment in our factory, which can assure you that our products are of high quality and high precision and reliable performance. Various sizes, colors and styles products are available. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

   10500 mAh peak 400A car jump starter for Gasoline 4.0L enginer car 

· Model: KYT-701

· 10500mAh Polymer-Battery

· Starting Current:200-400A

· QC3.0 Port support fast charging(3.6v-6v 6-9v 9-12v Output)

· With Torch light ,Camping Light ,Warning Light (Blue and Orange )for Emergency use

· 10500mAh Power Bank

· Safe Hammer for broken the Car Glass

· Compatible for 4.0L Gasoline and Diesel Vehicles

· Match with Multi-protection Clamps for safe use

· Accessories: 15V1A Power Adapter/ Car Charger/intelligent clamp/Velvet Bag/Manual

· Color: Grey ,Black, Blue

· Retail packing for selling directly

· Dimension:200mm*45mm*45mm

1. Unique appearance design, patent right acquired;

2. Aluminum alloy housing, anti-fall, water-proof, dustproof and pressure-proof.

3.Intelligent clamps, multiple protections for reverse connection, overcurrent and short circuit etc., ensure the safety of your car and yourself, with its built-in LED indicators, it becomes easier to operate for new drivers.

4. Emergency warning strobe: when cars broken down, warning passing vehicles and people to keep away and prevent rear-end collision;

5.Power Bank, QC3.0 charge port, 4 times faster than normal port. It can be used for outdoor emergency charging and compatible with all USB charging enabled devices.

6.300meters long distance high-brightness flashlight, perfect tool for daily use, traveling, outdoor activities, and emergency situations;

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