Car Jump Starter For Suv

Car Jump Starter For Suv

1.DO anti-reverse design, safe and easy to operate smart clamp 2.UL certified lithium ion battery 3.aluminium housing, waterproof, appearance patent 4.QC3.0 port, 10500mAh capacity power bank 5.400A peak currents 6.Functions: Car emergency start/Strong light/Camping light/SOS warning light/Power bank/Safety hammer

Product Details

What is jumper starter?

A battery jump starter also knows as a battery booster, is a device used to jump start your car when your car battery is dead or low on voltage. A portable jump starter is primarily a lithium ion power bank  enclosed in a safe and secure box that cranks up your engine by generating a powerful current in a short period of time.

Extreme weather deteriorates a vehicle's battery, thus it is a good idea to remain a battery jump starter  with you, especially in places that experience harsh cold weather conditions. Our jumper starter has a wide range of vehicles,like cars, trucks and jeeps. Each battery jump starter is manufactured with  superior safety features such as reverse charging protection, polarity protection, shorcircuit protection  and much more. Battery boosters are highly portable and compact devices, and they can easily fit in the gloves compartment of your car. So, next time you are stranded on the road, you can get your automobile running with our battery jump starter.

Seven Fuctions

1. Jump starter 

2. Safety hammer emergency tool

3. QC3.0 port 10500mAh power bank

4. Strong torch light/SOS signal litht

5. Camping light

6. Car-emergency warning light

7. Ambient light/Karaoke 

Product display

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Q: what's the advantages of KYT-701?

1.It's called “A Multi function Jump Starter. With Jump Starter, Multi-species LED lights,QC3.0 Charging,Safety hammer.

2.We've got CE,FCC certificates to guarantee the quality. And with UL,MSDS,UN38.3 for the Li-battery.

3.Its elegant appearance,very dazzling compared to other suppliers' and easier to  hold.

4.We have patent for the appearance and inner design,no need to do price competition with other company.

Q: What is the lifespan of KYT jump starter ?

A:KYT jump starter has a lifespan of 1,000 cycles – that’s a full charge and full discharge per cycle, which will last you anywhere from 2-5 years, depending on how often you use it and how well you take care of your battery.

Q: How many times it can be used to start vehicles?

A: normally 10-15times for 12V car, the specific time will be depend on the CC of your car?

Why choose us?

1. Domestic famous high-power high-current discharge polymer lithium battery, instantly start the strong current 500mAh.

2. Safer, no explosion risk.

3. Alunium alloy housing, water proof, dust proof.

4. Competitive price. 

Keyuantai is one of the leading and credible car jump starter for suv manufacturers and suppliers. We have professional staff and advanced equipment in our factory, which can assure you that our products are of high quality and high precision and reliable performance. Various sizes, colors and styles products are available. Please feel free to contact us for more details.
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