car jump stater using principle

- Apr 09, 2019-

KYT-701 battery jump starter 400A peak current is a handy device that can jump start up to 3.5L gasoline engine and 2.5L diesel engine vehicles. With KYT-701 you can jump-start your pickups, motorbikes, lawn mowers, cars, yachts and more. Its compact, lightweight, and portable design makes it very convenient to store in small places and easily carry it around. It is so compact that you can store it in your vehicle's glove box compartment so that it is with you all the time and ready to be used in times of need. With its elegant and simple design it has a beautiful and fine finishing to it. It is more than a just jump starter, you can use it as a power bank and also as a luminous LED flashlight. With the battery jump starter you will never be stranded again on the roadside. Simply plug it in and you are ready to jump your car and hit the road again within no time.
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