How does the USB charging recognition IC realize the intelligent identification charging device?

- Jan 10, 2018-

How does the USB charging recognition IC realize the intelligent identification charging device?

The charging recognition IC is only known from large current charging. After using the charging identification IC zs3003/3004/5887/5889, the charger can adjust the output current intelligently and give the best charging scheme for the charging device. If the IC is not identified, the charger cannot recognize the load, so the minimum protection current output, i.e. 500mA output current, can only be used.

Smartphones are now designed to charge, on the one hand is the performance quality after the phone authentication, on the other hand, in use is designed to charge mobile phones allow maximum current recharged, pull up and down because the charger inside there are four resistors, USB port by measuring resistance by up and down, set the value of D + and D - identification (referred to as the handshake protocol and identify the terminal) is belonging to the family, such as now take a samsung designed with 5 v1a charger for iphone5 was left, because the charger output to the D + and D - and mobile phone iphone access D + and D - do not match, then its maximum charging current is only 500 ~ 500 ma (charging time lengthened), but with special iphone charge will have a charging current of 960ma.

Explained above, below to get the business, quick charge chip EST5198B USB recognition is replaced by the up and down the role of resistance, can be used for 5 v output POWER with USB port, such as charger, car charger, mobile POWER supply, such as USB output, SOT23-5 encapsulation, circuit is simple, basically do not need to add extra device to identify any USB interface can be realized now mobile phones, MP3, MP4, PAD (USB protocol and open), fast charging, greatly saves the charging time, the biggest can save 60% of charging time)

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