Life application of the car jump starter

- Jun 15, 2018-

-Life application of the car jump starter?


Automotive: Lead-acid batteries are available in many types of automotive currents, ranging from 350 to 1000 amps. The maximum current for lithium-polymer starters should be 300-400 amps. In order to provide convenience, the car emergency starting power supply has a compact design, is portable and durable, and is a good helper for car emergency starting. It can provide auxiliary starting power for most vehicles and a small number of boats, or it can be used as a portable 12V DC power supply to prepare for leaving the car. Use at the time of land or emergency.

Notebook: Multi-functional car emergency starting power supply with 19V voltage output, can provide a stable notebook power supply voltage, to ensure that some business people go out laptop battery life function to reduce the impact of the work situation, in general, 10500 mA polymer batteries should be able Give the notebook 240 minutes of battery life.

Mobile phone: The car startup power supply is also equipped with a 5V power output, and it supports more mobile phones, PADs, MP3s, and other entertainment devices.

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