Power adapter material

- Apr 03, 2019-

Power adapter has been widely used in people's life, but a variety of different quality of power adapter is also a large number of market, but I do not know how much you know about the power adapter shell material?Next, I will introduce the material difference of the power adapter shell to you, so that you can know more about this kind of information and avoid some security risks to a large extent.

Power adapter housings are usually made of plastic, although some industrial power supplies are made of metal.We generally common power adapter shell material, mainly ABS material, ABS+PC material, pure PC material.Generally, we only use these three materials. Let's introduce the differences of these materials one by one.

PC material

Pure PC material with high strength and modulus of elasticity, using temperature range wide, (ABS material can be used commonly in use) to 25 degrees to 60 degrees, the other PC material with high transparency and freedom of dyeing, so the power adapter to do all sorts of color is very good, the material also has the fatigue resistance, weatherability, tasteless, odourless harmless to human body, is in line with the health and safety.

ABS material

The characteristics of ABS material are as follows: firstly, it has low strength and does not withstand temperature. Generally, the maximum temperature can not exceed 60 degrees Celsius, which is much worse than PC materials. ABS is generally used in household appliances.

ABS and PC composite materials

Take the characteristics of the former two, with excellent molding performance, good liquidity, high strength.ABS+PC material is easy to process, with good dimensional stability and surface gloss, easy to be coated and colored, and can be used for secondary processing such as metal spraying, electroplating, welding and bonding.Due to the characteristics of ABS combined with the characteristics of its three components, it has excellent comprehensive performance and becomes one of the preferred plastics for electrical components, home appliances, computers and instruments.

In terms of the choice of power adapter shell material, it is basically based on pure PC material and PC+ABS. Although there will be a rise in the cost compared with before, and the price of power adapter will also be different, but from the perspective of environmental protection and security, ABS is increasingly not matching the current market demand!So the power adapter manufacturer shenzhen city xin gathers the kang science and technology limited company to remind, when everybody chooses the power adapter, chooses the normal factory to buy as far as possible!

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