some tips to choose a bluetooth speaker

- Jun 03, 2019-

There are all kinds of bluetooth speakers, we just don`t know how to choose the right one.

We all know the importance of bluetooth speaker, which not only allows us to enjoy the pleasure of music, but also allows us to enjoy music everywhere. The quality of bluetooth speaker directly determines the feeling when we enjoy music.

Although the size of bluetooth speaker is not big, but the components inside are not simple at all. Only a little difference on components, the effect may be very different. If we want to avoid the poor quality of bluetooth speaker, we must learn how to choose a speaker.

There are some tips to attention while choose a speaker:

1. Bluetooth version

Bluetooth, like cell phone systems, comes in different versions. Different versions of bluetooth, bluetooth audio performance is not the same. Now, the most widely used versions are V2.0 and 2.1, and improved versions V3.0 and 4.0 have also appeared. If you choose bluetooth speaker, bluetooth version 2.1 and above is a better choice. Bluetooth version is too low, is likely to bring transmission close, slow speed and other problems. In theory, the higher the bluetooth version, the better.However, when we choose, we should also consider the actual situation. Otherwise, it will increase the cost invisibly.

2. playtime

For us, the longer a bluetooth stereo lasts, the better.The endurance ability of bluetooth speaker and power have very big concern, so, want to endurance ability is strong, must be optimistic about the power.Although the longer the bluetooth stereo lasts, the better, but also have a peak.Bluetooth audio battery life in 8-10 hours or so is reasonable.The battery life is too long, which is likely to be achieved by cutting corners in other areas.So, don't go for a long endurance!

3.The material

In addition to looking at bluetooth version, battery life and other aspects, the material is also very important.Different from ordinary audio, the material of bluetooth audio is mainly metal and plastic, among which the metal material is relatively more and the quality is better.Through the material of bluetooth audio, we can roughly judge the quality of audio, which helps us to choose a more suitable bluetooth audio.

We have mastered these points, select bluetooth audio is a very simple thing.Ignore these, will fall into the position of improper choice.

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