The different car jump starter between different types of battery

- Jun 15, 2018-

1, lead-acid categories:

a, traditional flat lead-acid battery: The advantages are cheap, extensive and durable, high temperature and safety; the disadvantage is bulky, frequent charge and maintenance, dilute sulfuric acid leak or dry failure, low temperature below 0 °C can not be used.

b, winding battery: Advantages are cheap, compact and portable, high temperature and safety, low temperature below -10 °C can be used, simple maintenance, long life; disadvantage is that the relative volume and weight of lithium battery is larger, the function is less than lithium battery.

2. Lithium ions:

a. Polymer lithium cobalt battery: advantages are compact, beautiful, multifunctional, portable, and long standby time; disadvantages are high temperature explosion, low temperature can not be used, the protection circuit is complex, can not be overloaded, the capacity is small, and the high quality product is expensive.

b, lithium iron phosphate battery: advantages are compact and portable, beautiful, long standby time, long life, more resistant to high temperatures than polymer batteries, low temperatures below -10 °C can be used; the disadvantage is that high temperatures above 70 °C unsafe, complex protection circuit, Its capacity is smaller than that of a wound battery and its price is more expensive than a polymer battery.

3, capacitance class:

Super capacitor: The advantages of compact and portable, great discharge current, rapid charging, long life; disadvantage is that high temperature above 70 °C unsafe, complex protection lines, the smallest capacity, the price is extremely expensive.

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