USB PD and Type C

- Mar 26, 2019-

Usb-power Delivery (USB PD) is one of the main fast charging protocols.It is a fast charging specification developed by usb-if organization.USB PD increases power transmission through USB cables and connectors, extending the power supply capability of cable bus in USB applications.The specification allows for higher voltages and currents, up to 100 watts of power, and the freedom to change the direction of power transmission.

The relationship between USB PD and type-c.USB PD and type-c are often discussed together, and even type-c charger is called PD charger.USB PD and type-c are two different things.

USB PD is a fast charging protocol, while type-c is a new interface specification.The type-c interface supports up to 5V/3A by default, but after the USB PD protocol is implemented, the maximum output power can be supported up to 100W mentioned above.So now many devices that use the type-c interface will support USB PD protocol.

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