Buy Quick Chargers Can Not Just Look At The Surface

- Aug 28, 2017-

Buy Quick Chargers can not just look at the surface
How can I buy a Quick Chargers for a mobile phone? Many domestic people buy products only look at the surface, no doubt, in addition to looking at pictures, careful people will see sales, popularity, evaluation and the like, in fact, these are not so important, it is important to see you buy this product Shop is not professional;
       Many people will say how can we see from the website of this store is not Quick Chargers industry flagship store? In fact, very simple, first understand the store from the beginning to understand the product, the product is the owner of the first element, if the product is not good, do not talk about the other, and pay special attention to whether the product range is complete or messy, many shops fast mobile phone Equipment, data lines, tempered film, Bluetooth earplugs, audio, protective cover, etc. These have a lot of people will think that this shop is certainly very good, everything is complete should be very good, in fact, many people do not know that this shop is often not Especially professional, these products can not say all, almost all of the products are e-mall out, many stores do not have the kind of concept This is not a good product, performance is not particularly understand how; then is to see sales, sales The most important, many buyers see sales, think that the product is very good, in fact, not necessarily a lot of sales are brush up, it is no one I do not know, no one does not know the topic, the most important to see the comments, do not look Praise, look at the difference assessment, hundreds of sales if there is no negative feedback, then this product can be purchased;
       I often see a lot of people on the Internet message, the message N more complaints, the reason for their own purchase of Quick Chargers not, charging the phone does not say hot, but also do not charge into the electricity, in fact, I often think , Even if I then Quick Chargers industry mixed for so long, I can not identify the Internet to buy Quick Chargers is good or bad, not to mention some users, the first appearance of no appreciation, physical and pictures do not The same and not easy to find out, and then is the performance, and perhaps many people look at similar or the same product there is no way to identify its quality, of course, you can see the weight, get two different products, you will find to you Their own feel is not the same, and for some completely on the mobile phone industry or knowledge of unknown people, only in the usual use of the process to find these, the faster the time, the quality is certainly not good, But when you find the product is bad, but there is no way to return, this is not a very sad thing?
Whether it is a Quick Chargers or a Quick Chargers, the temperature rise of the power supply itself is a very important parameter indicator. Then the normal use of the temperature is appropriate? The following Xiaobian for you to introduce some relevant knowledge
First, the reasons for rapid charger fever
Quick Chargers in the voltage conversion, a part of the energy loss, which in addition to a small part of the loss in the form of waves, the majority of the way out of the heat. The greater the power of the Quick Chargers, the more energy loss, the greater the heat of the power supply.
Second, the rapid charger fever solution
Quick Chargers heat is unavoidable, but it can speed up its heat to prevent its temperature from rising continuously.
1, when used in high temperature environments, the Quick Chargers should be placed in a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight and ventilation.
2, to create a good cooling environment, the Quick Chargers placed in the sun without exposure and ventilation position.
Third, the normal use of the surface temperature is how much normal?
Quick Chargers in the development stage, there will be a variety of parameters of the performance evaluation. Where temperature is one of them. Under normal circumstances, Quick Chargers surface temperature rise will be controlled within 30-35 degrees. As we all know, Quick Chargers is used indoors, then the indoor temperature in general, the maximum will not exceed 40 degrees, the normal is about 25 degrees. Then even if the highest 40 degrees, the Quick Chargers shell temperature is also within 75 degrees.

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