Can I Use Other Brands Of Quick-charge Appliances For My IPhone?

- May 30, 2019-

Although it has been supported by iPhone 8, most users still don't know this feature of iPhone. The most important reason is that the newly bought iPhone does not come with the standard quick-charge adapter. The cheapest official quick-charge appliance you need to buy is 249 yuan.

It is too expensive to buy the original charger, and the third party or the charger of other brands is not compatible, so whether the third party fast charger adapter can be used or not, how to choose?

In fact, the third-party usb-c charger can be used on the iPhone as long as it supports the USB Power Delivery (usb-pd) standard.For charging cable, apple only supports usb-c port to Lighting port, other types of charging cable may be incompatible.

For chargers, apple doesn't require MFI certification, but it's best to buy from a reliable brand, so that compatibility and security are guaranteed.

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