Do Your Best When You Work

- May 13, 2019-

A lot of energy is wasted because I have no goals.

I moved downstream in the rainbow and missed many seasons.

For many years, my life has been like a basket of water.

Success, happiness, wealth, I still hope to have them one day.

I am waiting. If it weren't for these magical sheepskin rolls, I might wait like this. Forget the past. It is a wandering without a home.

It’s all gone.

Now I know why success always avoids me. A person who is uncertain and hesitant will not do anything at all. If I keep making plans, but never finish them, I will drift like a lily.

Can't accomplish a great and meaningful thing.

Those who can lead the way in this world must be those who are dedicated to one thing. Great people never waste their energy in areas they are not good at, nor do they foolishly distract their expertise. In fact, this great secret has always been in front of my eyes, but my eyes can't see it.

I will do my best to complete the task at hand.

The difference between success and failure lies not in the quantity of work but in the quality of work. Those who suffer from the humiliation of failure are not doing less, but because they accept tasks indiscriminately, often while building and demolishing. They do not grasp the environment and create opportunities. They can only fail in honesty, but they cannot turn them into opportunities for success. Despite having sufficient ability, sufficient time, and the main factors of success, they can only let the shuttle shuttle up and down, but they will never be able to weave the brocade of real life.

I will no longer just focus on my work, I should have started a complete life. I opened my eyes. In the future, no matter what I do, I have to seriously consider it.

A seed can give birth to a large forest.

With dedication and perseverance, people finally built an immortal pyramid on the Egyptian plains.

Proficient in an industry can support the family, but people who know a little can not support themselves. The sailor does not know where to park the boat, and the wind does not work. Now I know that I am going to the South and know how to get there.

I will do my best to complete the task at hand.

It is better to be fluent than everything else. This is a law. People who are distracted will not succeed.

Cut a lizard into two pieces, half running forward and the other half running backwards. This is just like a person doing things to separate the goals. Success does not patronize those who are distracted.

I am going to make a major adjustment to my life and others will feel my change. In life, if the goal is clear, it will generate tremendous energy. Once my goal is clearly defined, my voice, clothing, appearance, behavior, and manners will change.

How can I ignore this great truth like most people?

One person is proficient in one thing, even if it is a trivial skill, as long as he is better than everyone else, then he can also get a generous reward. If he concentrates and is tenacious, and this trivial skill makes it superb, he will also benefit humanity and should be rewarded for it.

I will do my best to complete the task at hand.

I will set my goals and keep them in my heart forever. Only when you look for it wholeheartedly will you discover something, otherwise life will have no special meaning. It is not only the bees that fly in the flowers, but only the bees collect the pollen to make honey. It doesn't matter whether we have gained a lot of experience from years of study and hard work in our youth, because if we step into life and don't have a thoughtful thought about the future, then we can be sure that happiness will not come, that kind of can The opportunities that make us successful will not happen.

People often say that we have to set high goals, but we must travel thousands of miles and start with a single step. Just having ambitious goals is not enough. The arrow is on the bow, straight in the target, never off track, looking for targets elsewhere.

The thunder and the enemy are not a flash of lightning.

I finally know that as long as I am steadily moving forward toward a goal, I will never fail. This is like using a glass to gather the sun's beam, so even in the coldest winters, it can ignite.

I will do my best to complete the task at hand.

The weakest people, as long as they concentrate on one point, can get good results. On the contrary, the most powerful people, if they spread their power in many ways, will do nothing. The small drops of water, persevering, can also penetrate the hardest rock; on the contrary, the turbulent flow whistle through, no trace.

I will leave my trail and let the world know that I have been here.

I will do my best to complete the task at hand.


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