Dragon Boat Festival

- Jun 10, 2019-

Fifth lunar month, is one of China's traditional festivals - Dragon Boat Festival, and the Spring Festival, tomb-sweeping day, Mid-Autumn festival and known as the Chinese folk four traditional festivals. Since 2008, the Dragon Boat Festival has been listed as a national legal holiday. 

On the origin of the Dragon Boat Festival, until now there are many kinds of saying, such as: from the memory of qu yuan, from the memory of wu zixu, from the memory of filial piety cao e, from the ancient yue national totem sacrifice, from the wu yue national totem sacrifice and so on.The most widespread Dragon Boat Festival origin should be to commemorate the legend of qu yuan.

Dragon Boat Festival customs in different parts of our country, but the Dragon Boat Festival, eating zongzi is more common, which is associated with the history of qu yuan.According to the historical records, qu yuan was a minister of king huai of chu during the spring and autumn period.He advocated enriching the state and strengthening the army, and urged the state of qi to fight against qin. However, he was strongly opposed by zi LAN and other nobles.In exile, he composed immortal poems, such as li SAO, tian wen and jiu ge, which were composed of his thoughts about the country and people.Qu yuan was heartbroken to see his motherland being invaded, but he could not bear to abandon his motherland. On May 5, after writing his last novel huai sha, he threw himself into the miluo river in hunan province and wrote a magnificent patriotic movement with his own life.After the legend qu yuan threw into the river, the local people injured its unfortunate, will drive the boat to rescue, after passing down the dragon boat race customs;It is said that people often put food into the water to sacrifice qu yuan, but mostly for dragon food, after some people with neem leaves wrapped in rice, wrapped in colored silk into the river, and later evolved into dumplings like.

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Up to now, the Dragon Boat Festival has long become a traditional Chinese folk festival, different parts of the same, but the main: eating zongzi or inserted in the door wormwood or calamus to ward off evil, or drink realgar wine or disinfection, or dragon boat racing and so on.Zongzi is also called "jiaoshu", "tube zongzi", due to the shape of edges and corners, wrapped sticky rice and named, Dragon Boat Festival eating zongzi, in the wei and jin dynasties has been very popular.

In rural areas, in addition to the Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional festival, but also the beginning of the busy farming season, yellow wheat, seedling green, lotus leaf exhibition, ling hua...

How do you spend the Dragon Boat Festival as a buddhist?According to legend, the Dragon Boat Festival to commemorate qu yuan, also because of his patriotic, honest, good and evil and clear and far away from the dirt of good character, it has to do with him mahayana bodhisattva, self-interested altruism, the net net he is quite similar to that of the spirit of the bodhisattva we buddhists have a dragon boat should also be vegetarian, gratitude, proving, repent, and set them free and chant buddhist practice activities, pray for peace, disaster elimination, the good crop weather, understand long live!

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