Factors Affecting Charger Heating

- May 31, 2019-

It is normal for the charger to get hot when charging, but if it is hot, we should pay attention to whether there is a problem with the product quality.The original charger also does not rule out possible faults.In addition, when charging, we should pay attention to whether the power of the charger is matched with the mobile phone.So what are the causes of charger heating?

Charger heating factor


In daily life, if the charger is not placed in a ventilated place to dissipate heat, or if the charging time is too long, the internal electronic components are in standby mode for a long time, and they will get hot.So the charger plug is sure to get hot over time.Or your charger doesn't match your appliances.

The size of the charger is also one of the key factors of heating, in order to facilitate the carrying, people tend to like the small size of the charger, the manufacturer's research and development direction is also moving towards small and fine to develop.But the smaller the volume, the worse the heat dissipation performance, the higher the requirements for electronic components.Take capacitors for example. High-voltage capacitors are getting smaller and smaller while maintaining the same capacity, and they are even better in terms of voltage and temperature, but not enough voltage will break down the capacitor, and not enough temperature will burst the capacitor.


Moreover, with the popularity of smart phones, charger requirements are getting higher and higher. The charger of 500ma in the era of function phones can no longer meet users' demand for charging speed. The appearance of fast charging mentioned above is actually a historical necessity, so we can see that the current of common charger is above 2A.Such a charger is very empty when charging easy heat.


This is probably why the charger is hot.In addition, the high temperature of the charger has a great relationship with the switch tube of the charger. If the switch tube specification is not high, then the current will pass through, and the heat will be more.

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