High-grade And Low-end Identification Of Desktop Chargers

- Aug 07, 2017-

High-grade and low-end identification of Desktop Chargers
 Desktop Chargers manufacturers tell you Desktop Chargers procurement and identification methods:
Currently on the market Desktop Chargers, charger product style, the price varies. So, why from the label to see the same parameters of the Desktop Chargers, the price will be so much difference? In fact, Desktop Chargers products due to circuit solutions and materials are different, and other electronic products as high, medium and low three Grade. So how do we tell them what grade, how to do the procurement of products worth it?
Here the Desktop Chargers manufacturers speak only high-grade and low-grade distinction, and between the two products, we are positioned as a mid-grade Desktop Chargers.
Take a 5V1A Desktop Chargers, you from the label point of view, its specifications are basically no difference, sometimes low-grade may seem to identify more things, such as a regulatory power, he may even CE, FCC all marked up. First of all, we look at the material from the shell. High-grade power even if the appearance of bite flowers, his texture and brightness is not the same, relatively bright, because it is a new fire plastic injection molding. While the low-end look does not seem to light up the feeling of gray. Because it is made of recycled plastic, raw materials, the price difference is several times.
Secondly, you can look at the metal part of the material and plating. Many high-grade power supply exposed metal is nickel-plated nickel, or the thickness of the plating will be relatively thick, the brightness is relatively high, because the high-end Desktop Chargers to do salt spray experiment. So, we sometimes find a few dollars outside to buy the phone charger is not long on the plug on the rust, and the brand phone with the original charger with a long time there will be no rust phenomenon. Of course, from the appearance can also see its label material, wire material and other places can be seen out of high-end Desktop Chargers and low-grade Desktop Chargers, but there are manufacturers may only spend the cost of appearance, and the internal do special difference of. This can only be anatomy of the Desktop Chargers to see the internal.
If you know a little electronic, you can open the Desktop Chargers, low-end Desktop Chargers, the charger is generally a transistor program, which is a common name, in fact, is the professional name of the RCC circuit, it is not integrated IC to control, only the transformer and transistor self-oscillation. Some very low-end charger even only a high-voltage rectifier diodes, and then the back may not filter capacitors, or have a 2.2UF small capacitance. There is also no optocoupler and regulator IC 431. There is no fuse in front. This is composed of about ten components of the ultra-low Desktop Chargers, no security, radiation, causing a threat to human health. Let alone on the use of electrical appliances, some of the protection of the power supply itself.
The high-end Desktop Chargers input current fuse, composed of four diodes or bridge reactor rectifier, input filter capacitor. And EMI anti-electromagnetic interference components, so that radiation to a minimum. The power supply is controlled by the IC, and the feedback is controlled by the primary PSR IC or the secondary feedback mode of the optocoupler and the regulated 431, making the benchtop charger stable. Desktop Chargers meet the safety requirements, each component has security considerations, the overall Desktop Chargers through the safety certification, such as UL, CE, CCC and so on. Circuit built-in over-voltage, over-current, overload, short circuit protection, can better use of electrical appliances and Desktop Chargers itself is extremely high protection. The use of electrical appliances and power supply longer life.

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