How Much Of The Surface Temperature Of The Desktop Chargers Is Normal?

- Aug 16, 2017-

How much of the surface temperature of the Desktop Chargers is normal?
Whether it is a Desktop Chargers or a charger, the power supply itself is a very important parameter temperature index. Then the normal use of the temperature is appropriate? The following Xiaobian for you to introduce some relevant knowledge:
First, the cause of Desktop Chargers fever
Desktop Chargers in the voltage conversion, a part of the energy loss, which in addition to a small part of the loss in the form of waves, the majority of the way out of the heat. The greater the power of the Desktop Chargers, the more energy loss, the greater the heat of the power supply.
Second, the Desktop Chargers fever solution
The Desktop Chargers heat is unavoidable, but it can speed up its heat to prevent its temperature from rising continuously.
1, when used in high temperature environment, the Desktop Chargers should be placed in the place without direct sunlight and ventilation.
2, to create a good cooling environment, the Desktop Chargers placed in the sun without exposure and ventilation position.
Third, the normal use of the surface temperature is how much normal?
Desktop Chargerss in the development phase, there will be a variety of parameters of the performance evaluation. Where temperature is one of them. Under normal circumstances, the Desktop Chargers surface temperature rise will be controlled within 30-35 degrees. As we all know, Desktop Chargers is used indoors, then the indoor temperature in general, the maximum will not exceed 40 degrees, the normal is about 25 degrees. Then even when the highest 40 degrees, Desktop Chargers shell temperature is also within 75 degrees.
 Often there will be a customer or consumer reaction that the rated power of the same Desktop Chargers, the market price why the gap is so big? Some even doubled or doubled? Once upon a time, 1 watt 1 dollar slogan ringing the power industry, and look at today, a lot of 36W Desktop Chargerss are below the price of 20 yuan, then the real change to 1 watt 5 cents it? Another point of view to see the industry with high-end Desktop Chargers products, although the price is also lower all the way, but also close to 1 watt 1 dollar level, Desktop Chargers industry is really swallowed by the price war? So there is a high price of the product What is going on? Let us look at the Desktop Chargers price difference where exactly.
Generally speaking, a Desktop Chargers is composed of a large number of electronic components, and because of the potential electrical hazards, Desktop Chargers is a closed case is not allowed to open the product. This leads to the fact that many users only measure the wattage and the most intuitive price indicated on the nameplate of the Desktop Chargers. Desktop Chargerss, this seemingly simple "plastic box" inside is far from what we imagined is so simple. Only the material can affect a Desktop Chargers 70% of the quality, and circuit design, production process and other factors also occupy a lot of the proportion. In addition to the rated power, its stability is good or bad impact on the user experience the most intuitive factors, security issues can not be ignored.
A sub-price of goods, which is a lot of people buy the concept of the product. Popular point, the Desktop Chargers internal electronic components of the material can be divided into three, the lowest level for the old material or false; intermediate level is the material; the highest level is good material. General cottage version of the manufacturers will use the old material, fake to charge, no-name manufacturers will use a little more material, and only a line of brands will use the best quality of the material, good material. So the same level of two 36W Desktop Chargers, the average price of 30 yuan of products is better than those only 15 yuan of cheap goods.
So, with "a sub-price goods" concept to describe the Desktop Chargers, it is the most image of the. Although the difference between a single electronic components is not very obvious, but for the use of dozens of components of the Desktop Chargers, the use of good or bad on the difference is more obvious. It is not difficult to explain why some of the same level of Taiwan's Desktop Chargers price is higher than the cottage products.
For Desktop Chargerss, from the initial design to the packing sales, it is necessary to have a complete set of research and development, production and testing processes. In order to ensure that consumers get the ultimate Desktop Chargers has a stable performance and excellent quality, any part of the whole process is critical, and these are the details of our consumers when choosing a Desktop Chargers is relatively easy to overlook The

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