Optimum Design Of Wall Chargers

- Aug 28, 2017-

Optimum Design of Wall Chargers
Wall Chargers design and all the same electronic products, its engineering design can be divided into two categories:
1. Feasible design of Wall Chargerss. According to the basic principle of the switching circuit, some calculation companies of the Wall Chargerss are deduced, and based on the experience data provided by the previous design experience, the Wall Chargers can be designed, combined with the actual, repeated correction, and finally can meet the given performance The design requirements of the design, the design is feasible (that is, according to the design of the Wall Chargers can be put into use), known as the viable design. The introduction of computer aided design (CAD) method can help designers save time and effort to get feasible design results. Especially computer simulation, can partially replace the hardware model experiment. Now the simulation has become one of the indispensable means of Wall Chargerss now designed. However, the feasible design of the Wall Chargers, after all, is a combination of estimation and testing methods, the results can not be optimal design, it must also be the Wall Chargers engineering optimization design.
2. Wall Chargers optimization design. Also known as engineering optimization design, which is the application of mathematical programming in engineering design. Mathematical programming is a mathematical method of solving the extreme value of a function (ie, the maximum or minimum value, also called the optimal value). If the function is linear or non-linear, Linear or non-linear constraints, etc.) can be divided into linear or non-linear programming. For most engineering optimization problems is a nonlinear problem, the basic method of engineering optimization design is nonlinear programming. The design problem is transformed into the problem of solving the extremes of a nonlinear function, and some linear or nonlinear constraints are also solved when solving The Since the optimal parameters to be determined at the time of design are more than one, the optimal design requires solving the extremum of a multivariable nonlinear function and satisfying several equations or inequality nonlinear constraints. Thus, even if only two optimal parameters are determined, the optimal design problem of the Wall Chargers can not be solved by hand. Engineering design optimization problems can only rely on computer solutions. Therefore, the optimization method of Wall Chargers is not only a mathematical method, but also a computer-aided optimization method. Application of this method to design the Wall Chargers or its sub-circuit, the designer requires not only the knowledge of mathematical planning, but also should master the preparation of computer programs and computer applications, but also familiar with the Wall Chargers computer simulation methods and procedures. According to the design of different objects, the optimal design may be the smallest weight, the smallest size, or the conversion efficiency of the highest loss of the smallest, in short, a performance index or economic indicators of the best design. Of course, it must be feasible, so the optimal design must be a viable design, but the viable design is not necessarily the optimal design.
In recent years, engineers have successfully applied the optimal design method to single-ended or bridge-type PWM Wall Chargers main circuit, PWM Wall Chargers control circuit compensation network, resonant Wall Chargers resonant network design, etc. Has made some experience, but still need to be further popularization and promotion.
3. The main performance indicators of Wall Chargerss. Design of Wall Chargers main circuit should meet the technical performance indicators are the output / input voltage ratio (Vo / Vi), the output power Po, conversion efficiency, output voltage ripple, the input voltage Vi electromagnetic interference (EMI) amplitude limit Wait. In the optimal design of the Wall Chargers, generally with inequality constraints to represent the performance indicators.
When designing the main circuit of the Wall Chargers, the main contents of the main circuit should be calculated and selected. Select the main circuit topology, select the switching transistor (power MOSFET, GTO or IGBT) and the rectifier diode current, voltage specifications, etc. to determine the input and output filter form And the parameters, select the calculation of magnetic components (inductors, transformers, current transformers, etc.) core specifications, size and winding turns, wire size, and the choice of capacitance.
Wall Chargers control circuit compensation design should meet the power of the transient performance indicators, so it belongs to the transient design. The transient performance of the Wall Chargers is the stability of the power supply system, recovery time, the transient response of the red and under the red, the power of anti-interference and so on. As the main circuit parameters and Wall Chargers transient response performance has a greater relationship, so the transient design should be completed after the completion of the main circuit design.
The main contents of the transient design of the Wall Chargers include the topology of the feedback control mode (voltage feedback or voltage, current feedback, called single and double rings), compensation network (ie, proportional-integral-derivative or PID amplifier) ,

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