PD Quick Charge Explosion In Spring 2019 Global Resources Mobile Electronics Exhibition

- May 08, 2019-

Global resources expo is the largest consumer technology exhibition in Asia. It is as famous as CES, IFA and Computex and can be regarded as the world's four top technology events.The spring 2019 global resources mobile electronics show opened on April 18 and runs through April 21 for four days.

The exhibition opened a new exhibition hall of quick charging and wireless charging products, bringing together hundreds of fine booths. The exhibits cover a wide range, including gallium nitride technology, portable energy storage power supply, outdoor power supply, USB PD charger, wireless charger, usb-c cable, Lightning cable and so on.

Over 100 new PD products were displayed by over 30 company.

Compared with previous exhibitions, this year's exhibition has witnessed an explosive growth in the number and category of USB PD fast charger, as well as the factories and brands of USB PD charger.PD quick charge, port A charger is no longer the main product of exhibitors.It can be clearly felt that USB PD quick charging has become the development trend of the industry.

In this exhibition, USB PD multi-port charger has become the mainstream, among which the number of 1A1C charger is one of the main products promoted by most manufacturers.At the same time, I also found that some manufacturers have started to remove usb-a port and launch PD charging with dual usb-c interface and 3 usb-c interface, and the total output of some chargers has reached 100W or even higher.

It is worth noting that this year's exhibition had the honor to see a lot of USB PD chargers based on GaN GaN GaN power device development, and learned that more and more charger manufacturers began to import GaN GaN GaN GaN technology, charger power density is higher, the volume is developing towards a thinner direction.

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