What Are The Advantages Of Mobile Phone Quick Chargers?

- Jul 06, 2017-

What are the advantages of mobile phone Quick Chargers?

There are many types of Quick Chargers, including a quick phone charger, have you heard of it? The phone's fast charger, which we can understand as an emergency phone charger. Today, Quick Chargers focus on the advantages of mobile phone charger:

1. Efficient energy saving

1. High efficiency and energy saving

Charging 100 to 180 minutes, the power of a 5 battery can be transferred to cell phone battery, according to the mobile phone and network condition, the phone can be used for 24 hours or so, the call time can be 100 to 180 minutes.

2. Convenient and practical

2, work and practical

Use a section 5 alkaline battery or nimh battery to charge the mobile phone.

Use safety

3, the use of safe

Use overvoltage protection circuit to protect your cell phone carefully. Smart charging, using security.

Cell phone emergency

4, cell phones, emergency

No matter where you are, even if there is no alternating current, you can charge your mobile phone in time. It can charge and call in mobile.

5. Fashion lightness

5, fashion light

Professional design, guiding fashion; Fine and small (a little bigger than the 5 battery), easy to carry. Specifications 18 18 * * 74 / mm

This is the advantage of mobile phone Quick Chargers, mobile phone Quick Chargers is a temporary solution to the problem of insufficient battery products, by ordinary dry-cell batteries, lithium batteries, solar panels, as a storage unit, through the appropriate voltage conversion, can at any time, anywhere, with you for the mobile phone charging or power supply.

What are the causes of electromagnetic interference for fast Quick Chargers? This question has been bothering us all the time. Here is an example of industrial power.

, Electromagneticlnterference electromagnetic interference (EMI) is an electronic system or subsystem by the expected performance of the damage caused by the electromagnetic disturbance. It consists of three basic elements: the interference source, the equipment that produces electromagnetic interference energy; The way of coupling, the transmission of electromagnetic interference through the channel or the media; A device, device, Quick Chargers subsystem or system that is damaged by electromagnetic interference. Based on this, the basic measures to control the electromagnetic interference are: to suppress the source of interference, to cut off the way of disaster and to reduce the response of the sensitive equipment to interference or increase the electromagnetic sensitivity level.

According to the working principle of Quick Chargers: Quick Chargers will first power frequency ac rectifier for dc, inverter for high frequency alternating current (ac) again, finally through the output rectifier filter, get the dc voltage stability. In the circuit, the power triode, the diode main work in the switching state, and work in the microsecond magnitude; The transistor and diode are in the process of turning and turning, Quick Chargers the current changes in the time of rising and falling time, and the rf energy is easily generated, which causes the interference source. At the same time, the potential electromagnetic interference can be formed due to the leakage of the transformer and the reverse recovery current caused by the output diode.

Fast charger usually works in high frequency state, frequency is above 02 kHz, so its distribution capacitance cannot be ignored. On the one hand, the insulation of the heat sink with the collector of the switch tube, due to the contact area is larger, with thin insulation piece, therefore, the distributed capacitance between can't be ignored in high frequency, high frequency current will flow through the distributed capacitance to the radiator, then flow into the chassis, produce common-mode thousand interference; On the other hand, the initial pulse transformer level between the distributed capacitance, primary winding voltage can be directly FGC the secondary winding, Quick Chargers the secondary winding for dc output two common-mode interference on the power cord.

Therefore, Quick Chargers of interference sources are mainly concentrated in the change of voltage, current, and components such as switch tube, diode, high frequency transformer, and the proportion of the ac input and output rectifier circuit.

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