What Is Bluetooth?

- Jun 13, 2017-

what is Bluetooth?

   The so-called Bluetooth (Bluetooth) technology, is actually a kind of short distance wireless technology, using the Bluetooth technology, can effectivelysimplify the palm communication between computer, notebook computer andmobile phone and other mobile communication terminal equipment, but also can successfully simplify the communication between these devices and Internet Internet, so that the data transmission between these modern communicationequipment and Internet becomes more quickly and efficiently, widen the road for wireless communication. Said popular point, is the Bluetooth technology to makesome modern can easily carry a mobile communication equipment and computerequipment, without using the network cable can, and can realize the wirelessInternet, its practical application can also expand to all kinds of household electrical appliances, consumer electronics products and automotive and otherinformation appliances, wireless network a huge.

The wireless connection technology of Bluetooth technology belongs to a kind of short distance, low cost, is able to achieve voice and data wireless transmissionopen plan, therefore, present wireless communication "Bluetooth" just show a little tip, has attracted close attention from the global communications industryand the vast number of users. Bluetooth technology products is to realize voice,data and video transmission with low power consumption radio communication technology, the transmission rate is the highest for the second 1mb/s, full duplexcommunication by time division, the communication distance is 10 meters, the allocation of power amplifier can make the communication distance is further increased. Bluetooth products are used in the frequency hopping technology,can resist signal fading; using fast frequency hopping and short packettechnology, can effectively reduce the same frequency interference, improve the communication security; using forward error correction coding techniques, in order to reduce the random noise interference in long distance communication;running in the 2.4G Hz band open global ism on; using FM modulation, make the equipment becomes more simple and reliable; "Bluetooth" technology products sent a frequency hopping a sync packet, each with a packet occupies a slot, can also be increased to 5 time slots; the blue tooth technology supportasynchronous data channel, or 3 concurrent simultaneous voice channel, or atransfer asynchronous data and synchronous voice and channel. Simultaneous voice and each voice channel Bluetooth support for 64Kbps, the maximum rateof asynchronous channel support for 721kbps, the reverse response rate for thenon symmetric 57.6kbps connection, or 432.6kbps is called symmetric connection.

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