What Will Influence The Charging Speed

- May 06, 2019-

As we all know, the charging speed of mobile phones is closely related to the charger.The charger consists of a charging head and a data cable.

Does the charging speed of a mobile phone depend on the charging head or the data cable?Figure out the problem. When the charging head or data cable needs to be replaced, the wrong choice will not cause the charging speed of the phone to be slower than the original one.

First, let me tell you the answer: it has something to do with both the charging head and the data cable.What is the relationship?What happens when one breaks?

What is the relationship between charging speed and charging head?When charging a mobile phone, the charging head determines the voltage and current.Normal charging heads are labeled with voltage and current output parameters.For A very simple example, your phone supports 5V/ 2.4a, or 12W.If the charging head is broken and you replace it with a 5V/1A, or 5W charging head to charge the phone, the charging speed will naturally be much slower.

Why does the data cable affect the charging speed?The data cable is responsible for connecting the phone to the charging head, mainly responsible for current transmission, so it will also affect the charging speed.For example, a phone's battery is the equivalent of a bucket, the charging head is a faucet, and the data line is a water pipe.Currently, the Micro usb cable in the market generally can transmit current of 2A, but there are some charging cables without signal core, which can only charge and cannot transmit data, and the supporting current is only 500mA, so you need to pay attention when choosing.

In addition, the length of the data line also has a certain impact on the charging speed. The shorter the data line is, the faster the charging speed will be.In general, the standard data line of mobile phone is 1 meter.However, we can match data cables of different lengths in different usage scenarios.For example, if you want to charge your mobile phone with a charger, it is recommended to choose a short cable. You don't need to hold the cable too long and the charging speed is faster.Of course, if you want to lie in bed or play mobile phone charging on the sofa, is not particularly anxious, do not need to consider too much when charging long, you can choose 1.5 meters or 2 meters of data line, also more convenient to use.Finally, to sum up, the fastest charging speed can be achieved only when the charging head and data cable are selected correctly. 

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