Wired Quick Chargers And Wireless Quick Chargers What Are The Differences

- Jun 21, 2017-

Wired Quick Chargers and wireless Quick Chargers What are the differences
On the market, wireless Quick Chargers competition intensified. Are they just the difference between cables and traditional wired Quick Chargerss?

First, the charging method: wireless Quick Chargers first iPhone will be loaded into the charge protection shell, and then the protective cover on the induction base, then the sensor base connected to the power plug, power plug and then plug in the power supply.

Differences Second, connect peripherals: iPhone in the wireless charging mode to connect peripherals, one is loaded out into the charge protection shell iPhone, the second is to connect Mini USB, the last Mini USB connection peripherals. When the iPhone is charged on the power converter, the USB is removed from the converter and the peripherals are connected.

Difference 3, Convenience: When the phone charges when there is a phone call but not convenient in some specific circumstances to answer. At this time the convenience of wireless Quick Chargers is reflected. Simply pick up the protective cover to move to any user's place where you can easily answer the phone. If it is a cable Quick Chargers, you need to unplug the data cable, connect the need to re-plug the data cable, this time the wireless Quick Chargers only need to put the phone on the sensor can be charged.

Difference 4, the charging efficiency: in the same charging time, the commonly used wired battery Quick Chargers charge after the power of 93%, wireless Quick Chargers after charging the power of 88%. Obviously, wireless Quick Chargers in the charging efficiency there is still a gap in the technology there is room for further improvement.

We know that the correct and reasonable charge, you can make the battery life increased, but do not understand the method, random charge, will lead to short battery life shortened. So how do you use the quick charger just right?
(1) Do not use excessive current to charge. High current in the charging process, will produce heat, so that the battery temperature is too high, and too high temperature, the battery life is very harmful, it will greatly reduce the battery life, so we charge, To use a small current, so that battery life extension.
(2) Do not exceed the time of charging. When the battery is charged, we should pay attention to observe the traffic lights or the battery is full of signs, do not indefinitely charge the battery, charging time is too long, will affect the battery life, causing regret.
Mastered the use of Quick Chargers, in the daily charge, we need to personally, to extend the battery life, saving energy.
   With the continuous innovation and improvement of technology, cell phone battery quick charger factory will be built-in induction charging card, no longer need to re-load the protective cover can be charged, coupled with the increase in charging efficiency, wireless Quick Chargers foothold

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