36W Ac Dc Power Supply

36W Ac Dc Power Supply

Dc 12v 3a power supply, wall mounted type,1.2m DC cable, 5.5*2.1*10mm DC jack, original design, fireproof PC material, completed certificates covering CE, Rohs, FCC, KC, CB; At the same time we also make other output: 24V 1A;5V 3A/4A; 9V 3A;9V 4A;12V 2A/2.5A; 15V 2A/2.4A,18V 1.5A/2A;19V 1.89A

Product Details

36W ac dc power supply

The power adapter is an interface transfer device, that is an adapter. Its main function is voltage regulation, that is, the AC/DC power is stably introduced into the power equipment, and there is no storage of power, once there is no AC/DC power. The adapter cannot effectively get power from the powered device. It is generally composed of a casing, a power transformer and a rectifier circuit, and is mainly suitable for a small portable electronic device and a power supply conversion device of an electronic appliance, and is also an accessory device. As a built-in power supply or an external power supply, the adapter can be a stand-alone hardware interface device or an information interface.

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Product Brand: KYT

input:AC 100-240V 50/60HZ
output: 24V 1A;5V 3A/4A; 9V 3A;9V 4A;12V 2A/2.5A; 15V 2A/2.4A,18V 1.5A/2A;19V 1.89A

power: 36W
protection: OCP OVP OSCP
hi-pot test:3KV
Dimension: 74*28*42MM

Surface: Matte

The packaging

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Q1: How long will it take my electronic device(s) to charge?

A1: Charging time depends on the electronic device battery, the cord used and the electronic device

capability. The KYT Chargers are designed with a smart chip that recognizes your electronic device’s charging requirements and maximizes the current delivered throughout the

charging process to ensure the most efficient charging time.

Q2: What’s your advantages of power adapter?


1.We already got TUV CB report which could pass all the certifications’ tests.

2.The appearance is elegant and small compared to other similar products in the market.This is very suitable for some new launched items.

3.We already produced 500K quantity since 2018 which this condition we could guarantee for quality and delivery time.

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