EU AC/DC Plugs With 12V 2.5a Output

EU AC/DC Plugs With 12V 2.5a Output

EU AC/DC plugs with 12V 2.5a output with an 5.5x2.5 dc plug At the same time we also make other output: 24V 1A;5V 3A/4A; 9V 3A;9V 4A;12V 2A/2.5A; 15V 2A/2.4A,18V 1.5A/2A;19V 1.89A

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EU AC/DC plugs with 12V 2.5A output

Power adapter is a Power supply conversion device for small portable electronic equipment and electrical appliances. It is generally composed of shell, Power transformer and rectifier circuit. According to the output type, it can be divided into ac output type and dc output type.According to the connection mode can be divided into plug wall type and desktop type.It is widely used in telephone, video game, language repeater, walkman, laptop, cellular phone and other devices.

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Inner PCBA display

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Low Consumption, Strong Compatibility

Charge for tablet, displayer

monitor, router and kinds of household electrical appliances

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high quality wire, safe and reliable

1m length, can be customized; 

With tin plated copper wite core to ensure energy conservation; 

High speed transmission of power ; 

High oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance to ensure the working life

The certificates 

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The packaging

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