5V1A Small Devices Adapter

5V1A Small Devices Adapter

This kind power adaper we can do DC 12V 0.3A/0.5A/0.6A/0.8A/1A. It can be used for wifi logger/receiver, handheld electric fan, air humidifier, set top box, Hard disk drive and Counterfeit detector unit etc.

Product Details

Tips to choose a proper power adapter

1. Determine the required output voltage and current according to the consumed power of electronic equipment.

2, the appearance of the power adapter, size, the use of the country's power plug specifications.

3. Specifications of DC connector matched with equipment.

4. Whether safety certification and safety standards are required.

5. Try to use the standard power supply from the power supplier, including standard size and output voltage;In this way, the delivery will be faster and the purchase cost will be lower.On the contrary, the special size and output voltage will increase the development time and purchase cost.

6, if the electronic equipment with motor motor, printer, light bulb, large relay and other impact negative load, start the instantaneous current is very large, it is best to provide the maximum load current to the power supplier evaluation, so that the power supplier for special Settings.

Product display

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Product Parameter                                          

Model Name12v 1a power supply
InputAC 100-240V 50/60Hz
5V500mA -2000mA, 12V300-1000mA
Power PlugEU,US,Korea/China
Outlet Wayall in one with cable/ USB type 
Unit Size52mmx42mmx25mm
Compatible DevicesMobile phone, MP3, MP4,Electronic cigarette,
Tablet,Bluetooth headset, Water purifier, LED,
Medical machine,CCTV camera, LCD,
Set-top box, DVR, Router, etc.

Product Packaging 

ac to dc power supply 12v


Q1: What's the burn in time and working temperature?

A1: We have the automatic computer control burn in system and the burn in time usually is 2 hours and the temperature is 30℃".

Q2: How about your production capacity?

A2: 50000pcs per week.

Q3: How's your after sale service?

A3: 1.We have continued order for this item,so the production is very well,so that we can guarantee about the quality.

     2.If there are small quantity defective units,we could give more in next order.

     3.And if with bigger quantity,we will take charge of the shipping cost to get the goods to our factory for repairing.

    4.We give 3 years warranty for power adapters.

Q4:What's other power can you supply?

A4:  We can also make output like: 5V 3A/4A/5A, 12V 1.5A/2A/2.5A/3A/3.5A/4A/4.5A/5A/6A, 15V 1A/1.5A/ and 24V 0.5A/1A/1.5A AC/DC etc, with different model.

Use Of The Power Adapter

Switching power supply products are widely used in industrial automation, military equipment, scientific equipment, LED lighting, industrial equipment, communications equipment, electrical equipment, instrumentation, medical equipment, semiconductor refrigeration and heating, air purifiers, electronic refrigerator, LCD monitor, LED lighting, communications equipment, audio-visual products, security, computer chassis, digital products and instruments, such as in the field.

Keyuantai is one of the leading and credible 5v1a small devices adapter manufacturers and suppliers. We have professional staff and advanced equipment in our factory, which can assure you that our products are of high quality and high precision and reliable performance. Various sizes, colors and styles products are available. Please feel free to contact us for more details.
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