5 port desktop charger KC SAA certificates

5 port desktop charger KC SAA certificates

Power: 40W Output: 5V8A Input: 100-240V Size: 75*75*33mm AC cable; 1.2M Protection: Over-Current Protection, over voltage Protection, short circuit protection and over temperature protection.

Product Details

Product Introduction:

  1. Super fast smart ICCE, KC, SAA, FCC, ROHS certificate and OVP OCP OTP SCP protection.

  2. private model, Square shape design, convenient to carry

  3. 2.4a max for each port,fast charging

  4. Fireproof material

  5. Protection: Over-voltage protection,Output over-current Protection, Short circuit protection, auto                       stop charging when battery is full

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Product Parameter:

Model No.



100 to 240V AC, 50/60Hz

Output power

39W/40W series


DC 5V7.8A/8A


Overload protection

Output over voltage protection

Short circuit protection








Mini 80 %

No Load Power Consumption

≤0.3W at Rated Voltage

High-Voltage test

Primary to secondary: 3 kV 5 mA 60S

Operating Temperature Range




Net weight

About  280 gram per  unit


50,000  hours


Mobile phone, TabletPC, MID, Bluetooth headset, Water purifier, LED, Medical machine,CCTV camera, LCD, Set-top box, DVR, Router, Modem,etc.

Packaging and shipping

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Q1.Does the unit have any indicator lights on it? 
There are no indicator lights on our charger. After doing much market research on the matter, we heard loud-and-clear that people are annoyed at bright LED indicator lights on chargers. Additionally, all devices that need charging already have their own indicator that they are being charged. Therefore, there is no need for any USB Charger to have an indicator light.

Q2.Does this device shut off (stop drawing power) when devices have been charged?  
USB Charger uses our Smart USB Charge™ technology, so it knows when your devices are fully charged and will then draw less power to maintain your devices 100% until they are unplugged.
If the USB Charger is still plugged into the power outlet, but all your devices are unplugged from it, then the USB Charger only draws 0.2W

Q3.Can it charge 5 tablet pc at the same time? 
Yes,5 tablet is ok, but will spend more time for full charge.


Why choose us

Keyuantai is one of the leading and credible super fast 40w 5v 8a travel charger with 5 usb port,multiple port usb charger with kc manufacturers and suppliers. We have professional staff and advanced equipment in our factory, which can assure you that our products are of high quality and high precision and reliable performance. Various sizes, colors and styles products are available. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

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