12 Volt Jump Start Kit Charging For Smartphone / Laptop /tabletpc

12 Volt Jump Start Kit Charging For Smartphone / Laptop /tabletpc

1. 12000mAh high capacity can be used to jump start car almost 12V diesel and gasoline vehicles, which can jump start your car around 30 times on a single charge. 2. It come with smart heavy duty cables and alligator clamps , offering over current, short circuit, overload, over-voltage and over-charge protection.Perfect for newcomers too. 3. It doubles as a power bank for your smartphone laptops, and orther digital products. 4. Support quick charger, low self-discharge, and up to 3,000 times cycle life. 5. Support the multi-mode lighting function: LED and SOS. 6. Can be charged by Home adaptor and Car charger.

Product Details

Steps and methods for emergency start-up

1. Pull up the handbrake of the car, put neutral gear on the clutch, check that the starter switch is in OFF gear, and turn OFF all on-board appliances

2. Open the front cover and connect the wiring clip to the battery (positive pole to positive pole and negative pole to negative pole).

3. Turn on the emergency switch to start the power supply

4. Start the car (5s or so). If the first start fails, try again at an interval of 1 minute

5, disconnect, first remove the red positive clamp, and then remove the black negative clamp

6. After use, the power should be fully charged immediately, and it cannot be started continuously

Car started immediately need to pay attention to use finished charging, the vehicle starts up, because you need to provide the current value is great, one can make the starting power in the depth of discharge state, the power supply voltage will drop rapidly, at this point, the need for battery power maintenance immediately, must not continuous, may start is not successful, or to start the power of the damage to the battery.

Product display

multi-function jump starter .jpg

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Item Name

Vehicle Tools 12V car jump starter


DC 12V-24V



Battrery capacity



Aluminum Alloy


CE Fcc  Rohs

Starting current



1 years

Charger method

QC3.0 USB&Car charger port

Charge time

about 3 hours

Power supply

Jump started 12-24V vehicle,gasoline car and diesel car,mobile and other digital devices

Cycle life

3000 times

Operation temperature


LED power


Net Weight



Car emergency start/sos light/camping light/warning light/power bank/safety hammer

emegency car jump starter.jpg





Q1: What's the product manufacturing process?
A1: Material Warehouse-component preparing/SMD/AI-Pre work-PCB inertion-component site inspection-wave soldering-Touch-up-visual inspection(repair/cosmeticix/trouble shootig)-Initial test-assembly-2ND-test-100% burn in-hi-pot-function test-visual inspection-packing-OQC-finished goods warehouse

Q2: After service?
 Usually the product warranty is 1 year, if the goods have something wrong also the validity time is within warranty we can replace the bad one to news. 
On the other hand, we can offer you 0.3% spare parts for the first mass production;

Q3: How do you control your quality?

A3: We have 6 procedures to control our quality.
IQC – IPQC – SEMIPRODUCT QC (100% function test) – FINISHED PRODUCTS QC (100% check) – AGINT TEST – QA(100% test function and check appearance)

Product Features

1. 10500mAh high capacity  can be used to jump start car almost 12V diesel and gasoline vehicles,

     which  can jump start your car around 30 times on a single charge.

2.  It come with smart heavy duty cables and alligator clamps , offering over current, short  circuit,               overload,  over-voltage and over-charge protection.Perfect for newcomers too.

3.  It doubles as a power bank for your smartphone  laptops, and orther digital products. 

4.  Support quick charger, low self-discharge, and up to 1,000 times cycle life. 

5.  Support the multi-mode lighting function: LED and SOS.  

6. Can be charged by  Home adaptor and Car charger.

Keyuantai is one of the leading and credible 12 volt jump start kit charging for smartphone / laptop /tabletpc manufacturers and suppliers. We have professional staff and advanced equipment in our factory, which can assure you that our products are of high quality and high precision and reliable performance. Various sizes, colors and styles products are available. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

   10500 mAh peak 400A car jump starter for Gasoline 4.0L enginer car 

· Model: KYT-701

· 10500mAh Polymer-Battery

· Starting Current:200-400A

· QC3.0 Port support fast charging(3.6v-6v 6-9v 9-12v Output)

· With Torch light ,Camping Light ,Warning Light (Blue and Orange )for Emergency use

· 10500mAh Power Bank

· Safe Hammer for broken the Car Glass

· Compatible for 4.0L Gasoline and Diesel Vehicles

· Match with Multi-protection Clamps for safe use

· Accessories: 15V1A Power Adapter/ Car Charger/intelligent clamp/Velvet Bag/Manual

· Color: Grey ,Black, Blue

· Retail packing for selling directly

· Dimension:200mm*45mm*45mm

1. Unique appearance design, patent right acquired;

2. Aluminum alloy housing, anti-fall, water-proof, dustproof and pressure-proof.

3.Intelligent clamps, multiple protections for reverse connection, overcurrent and short circuit etc., ensure the safety of your car and yourself, with its built-in LED indicators, it becomes easier to operate for new drivers.

4. Emergency warning strobe: when cars broken down, warning passing vehicles and people to keep away and prevent rear-end collision;

5.Power Bank, QC3.0 charge port, 4 times faster than normal port. It can be used for outdoor emergency charging and compatible with all USB charging enabled devices.

6.300meters long distance high-brightness flashlight, perfect tool for daily use, traveling, outdoor activities, and emergency situations;

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